Production of steel deck

The introduction of composite steel deck roof system

Although the prevalence of this type of ceiling in our country for a long time does not pass But in fact this system of ceiling from 1939, and develop an industry standard for the design, implementation and operation of the roof steel roof Institute (SDI) has officially entered the construction industry.Composite steel deck ceilings step towards the industrialization of the building, because the requirements and procedures introduced in prestigious international regulations and approved by the Research Center, Housing and Urban Development, has an upper operating speed.As mentioned above, this method using different types of roofs with different uses and scenarios can be implemented Here we run certain types of ritual roof features and practices that in my topic National Building Regulations (paragraphs 7-5-2-1-10) as complex sections using trapezoidal sheets is referred to here.The roof of the complex sections of reinforced concrete slabs on the beams and girders steel trapezoidal sheets are attached, is formed.The upper and lower trapezoidal sheet yield mixed reinforced concrete slabs, played a significant role in providing roof and it will be desirable shear behavior It is noteworthy that one of the most economical methods of construction steel roof deck, roof, is known.One of the factors industrialization of high speed running and remove the material as well as traditional methods is time-consuming and costly The steel roof deck that is about 11 times the speed performance due to implementation is a simple alternative to the traditional system The ceiling in the center of the investigation, Housing and Urban Development has been evaluated and its use is permitted within the scope of the proposed requirements.

The advantage of steel deck roof
  • Reducing the number of secondary beams
  • Reducing the thickness of the roof and reduce the dead load of the roof and reduce structural weight and the force of the earthquake
  • Complete removal of the formatting and candle-making
  • Reducing the volume of concrete resulting in reduced project costs
  • At the same time the possibility of implementing Ceilings
  • Take the concrete floors
  • The possibility of ceiling between 500 to 1000 square meters per day
  • More diaphragm integrity and rigidity roof
  • Easy transportation
  • According to the architectural plan of the possibility of determining the exact position of duct
  • Increase execution speed due to the simplicity performance composite steel deck on the roof of the old system
  • Rapid return on investment due to the high speed run
  • Increased safety run
  • Place plain ceilings and crossing facilities under roof
  • Dead weight loss and lighter roof structure so that:
  • 20 to 30 percent savings in consumption of steel frame structures
  • 60 to 70 percent saving fittings ceiling
  • 15 to 20 percent savings concrete ceiling
  • 20% lighter than conventional composite roof
  • Reducing the weight limit of 60 kg per square meter, compared with conventional composite roof
  • 40 percent reduction in run-time
The steps of the steel deck

1. Move the depot and classes: Composite sheets transferred to the workshop and depot in a small space, with the help of manpower and requires no machines, only with a different class levels of lift pass.

2. Insert steel decks:The deck includes male and female clamp that easily by semi-skilled manpower in each clamp and after this phase, traffic levels are very simple and significantly increases the speed of work.

3. Install fittings and stud:Where the steel deck located on the dark, to connect the two, the stud used and this reduces the weight of steel beams used.

4. concrete: After connecting rebar, concrete is done, the slab thickness and uniformity of the surface of the plates leads to a quick exit air and simplify the operation.